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Home Ownership

One important component of the Habitat for Humanity ministry is that houses are sold to low to moderate income partner families, not given away, at no profit and no interest.  This means Habitat sells a completed house for exactly what it costs to build and it is vitally important that the house be a blessing to the family and not a burden on their back.

Basic consideration for selection of home buyers

  1. Applicant must have lived in either Habersham or White counties for at least one year.
  2. Applicant must be living in inadequate housing (i.e., not decent, unsafe, unsanitary) and lack financial resources to own such housing through conventional means. 
  3. Applicants must demonstrate the financial means to pay the home loan and escrow payments and maintenance charges on a regular basis.  
  4. Applicants should possess qualities necessary for successful home ownership; such as honesty, financial responsibility, reliability and stability of the household.  A very basis requirement is truthfulness.  If an applicant is not truthful, he/she will be disqualified immediately.

Responsibilities required of Habitat home owners

  1. Make a $600.00 covenant payment before ground breaking.
  2. Assist in the construction of the house. A homeowner MUST work a total of 300 hours – 50 hours within three months of their conditional acceptance letter, an additional 150 hours before the house can be started, and 100 hours on their own home.
  3. At least 75% or 225 hours of work must be completed by the future homeowner(s) or by immediate family members.
  4. Assume responsibility for repair and maitnence of the house from the time of closure.
  5. Receive instruction on money management and setting up a budget. (instruction given by members of Habitat)
  6. If the homeowner wishes to sell the house before the mortgage is paid in full, it must be offered to Habitat first.

For more information please contact the Habitat Director at 706-754-5313
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